Discover Saudi - Saudi Inspiring Adventure

Saudi Arabia, home of the Islamic civilization, is a place redundant with mystique, rich in natural resources, landscapes and unparalleled hospitality.

Saudi Arabia - The Kingdom that never ends

What is it about Saudi Arabia that makes it such an enticing international holiday destination? We believe this is because Arabia has been closed to tourists for as long as anyone can remember. Furthermore, the undiscovered spots in Arabia are a huge delight for everyone who appreciates experiencing new things.

The Middle East is a treasure trove of discoveries, from spectacular coral reefs and arid rock formations to historical places like Mada'In Saleh and old Jeddah. If you plan to visit Saudi, then you have made the right decision. So, before booking your Riyadh holiday package, let's get to know more about this beautiful kingdom!

Visit Saudi - Memory of a Lifetime!

Visit Saudi Arabia for a vacation you'll never forget!

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Unforgettable Safari in the heart of Saudi Arabia

Top things to do in Saudi Arabia

Take a tour of traditional Arabian cuisine

When you take the time to learn about a place through its cuisine, food plays a significant role in your travel experience. You won't be let down by breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert if you arrange a trip to Saudi Arabia. The dining scene in Saudi Arabia is vibrant, diverse, and top-notch. From delicious gourmet food to fragrant Arabic fare, there is something for everyone.

Shop like a local in the Deira Souq in Riyadh

You might come upon an antique market that has become a local institution in many places all over the world. It is the Deira Souq in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. You may find Persian carpets, Cambodian incense, Korean speakers, Egyptian cotton pajamas, and speakers made in Korea here.

Hike to The Edge of The World

The moniker Jebel Fihrayn, often known as The Edge of the World, is appropriate. It is a section of the enormous Tuwaiq cliffs, which span more than 600 kilometers in central Saudi Arabia and are around 90 minutes' drive from Riyadh. These breathtaking views, which also helped it become one of Riyadh's most popular tourist destinations, gave the place its name. You can book your Riyadh tour package to enjoy your weekend.

Explore the rose gardens in Taif

The largest exporter of perfumes in the Arab World is the ancient city of Taif. The flowers Taif produces have given rise to a distinctive perfume aroma known as "Taifi," or "of Taif origin," as a result of Taif's warm climate and hilly topography. In order to create a distinctive Taifi perfume smell, which is regarded as one of the most exquisite in the world, the aroma has also been developed from roses. These flowers' byproducts are also used to generate rosewater and rose oil.

Swimming and Diving in the Red Sea

The world beneath Saudi Arabia's Red Sea is the last unexplored and pristine frontier of diving. Saudi Arabia is home to fascinating and uncharted diving locations for adventure tourists. Saudi is home to more than 1,200 kinds of fish, 20% of which are found only in the Red Sea.

Viewing the stars from Moon Mountain

A journey to the outskirts of Jeddah ought to be at the top of travelers' lists whether they want to enjoy stargazing beneath pitch-black night skies or ride across undulating dunes. Travelers of all stripes are drawn to this region of Arabia because of its unusual outcrops, pitted dunes, and solitary sands.

Travel through time in AlUla

AlUla, a remote region of Saudi Arabia's northwest, is home to the country's first UNESCO World Heritage site. Visitors can access a wide range of adventure activities, magnificent natural rock formations and canyons, 7,000-year-old tombs, cutting-edge art installations, and amazing natural rock formations.

There’s a vast world of flavors just waiting to be explored.

The Middle Eastern country of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia makes up the majority of the Arabian Peninsula. It creates some of the most amazing dishes on earth, which draw heavily on the nation's lengthy history and cultural practices.

Traditional Saudi Arabian culture places a high value on food as a symbol of hospitality. The generosity, friendliness, and spirit of sharing that define this country's history are reflected in the food they consume. Expect huge portions of food served on big platters if you ever find yourself asked to a meal by a Saudi.

In Saudi Arabian culture, the most typical foods include rice, spices, chicken, lamb, yogurt, potatoes, bread, and dates. The vast majority of the dishes served here are filling and flavorful.

Ruz Al Bukhari

Ruz Al Bukhari, often referred to as Al-Fahm, is a flavorful rice dish that is typically served with roast chicken. The dish is served with a hot tomato sauce on the side and is seasoned with a variety of spices including cinnamon, cumin, cardamom, and star anise. It is frequently topped with raisins and fried onions (also known as Salata hara). Almonds and pine nuts are also used in some renditions of the meal.


A thin layer of bread is stuffed with ground beef, eggs, leeks, and scallions to make the popular Saudi Arabian snack known as muttabaq. Folded is a good way to describe the word muttabaq. This delicacy is typically shallowly fried, though you may get them baked in some locations. It has a crispy exterior and is filled abundantly on the interior.


In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, harees are one of the oldest foods and are a must-have during the fasting month of Ramadan. Although the spices used to prepare harees vary greatly according to the location you are in, cardamom, cumin, and cinnamon are typically utilized.


Mandi is a meat and rice meal that is exceptionally well-liked throughout the majority of Arab nations, including Saudi Arabia, despite being primarily from Yemen. The meat used in mandi is cooked in a pit oven beneath the earth, boiled with entire spices, and then smoked with coal.

This dish's rice is prepared with a mixture of spices, the primary one of which is turmeric, which gives the dish its recognizable yellow hue. Mandi is typically served with raisins and fried onions on a sizable round tray that is intended to be shared.

Nightlife in Saudi Arabia

Even in the absence of nightclubs and bars, Saudi Arabia's nightlife is renowned for its serenity and vitality after nightfall. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy Saudi Arabia's exciting nightlife and alluring natural beauty. Take a look at these excellent spots for a romantic evening with loved ones.

King Fahd’s Fountain

The Fahd's Fountain bears the name of the person who gave the fountain to the city. It is listed as the city's tallest fountain and can shoot water 800 meters into the air. All of Jeddah city can see the euphoric scene. Explore the visual pleasure of water gushing from a gorgeous fountain and stroll around the peaceful atmosphere while taking in Saudi Arabia's nightlife.

Dining at “The Globe” tallest building

One of the best places to visit in Saudi Arabia for an exciting experience is "The Globe." It is a fancy dining establishment that resembles a huge globe and is situated atop the Al Faisaliah business building. The popularity of this restaurant in Saudi Arabia is unmatched since it offers a very distinctive experience. It is advised to reserve a place in advance in the elegant dining area built of glass panels that offer a 360-degree panorama.

Watch the evening show at King Abdullah Park

King Abdullah Park, the largest park in Saudi Arabia, is situated in the capital. Plan an evening with the family here and enjoy an expedition in the beautiful greenery and freshness to experience Saudi Arabia's vibrant nightlife. The park offers a wide range of possibilities for a perfect evening spent with loved ones. In Saudi Arabia, there are many eateries and a select few of the greatest cafés where guests may relax and sample the delectable fare. You must not miss the half-hour nightly display of the dancing fountain above the lake in the park, which is encircled by hills.

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Would you love to visit Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia exudes a strong sense of royal hospitality and is heavily influenced by Islam and Islamic culture. The nation has established itself as a beautiful haven of relaxation from chaos. Saudi Arabia, which is bordered by the Red Sea in the west and the Persian Gulf in the east, is a country full of unsolved mysteries. The country has a rich culture and heritage that visitors who come to the country for a vacation enjoy, from its mythological desserts to its immaculate clear beaches.

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