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Book & Go Almaty

Fly Solo Almaty

Almaty 3 nights

AED 2,149 per person
Includes Taxes & Fees

Winter in Almaty

Almaty 3 nights

AED 2,199 per person
Includes Taxes & Fees

Amazing Almaty

Almaty 3 nights

AED 2,239 per person
Includes Taxes & Fees

Summer in Almaty

Almaty 3 nights

Escape the heat this summer with 3 nights all-inclusive Almaty holiday package starting from AED 3,199

  • Return Air Tickets
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  • 3 Nights Stay with Breakfast
AED 3,199 per person
Includes Taxes & Fees

Kazakhstan - A Land With Boundless Potential

With its magnificent landscape drawing in tens of thousands of visitors eager to see a nation of contrasts, Kazakhstan is rightfully regarded as one of the most attractive nations in the Central Asian region.

Kazakhstan is the world's largest landlocked country, ranging from the Altai Mountains to the Caspian Sea in the west, and from Russia to China in the north. Kazakhstan is a year-round destination with stunning canyons, endless deserts, dry plains, massive glaciers, and historic ruins. Kazakhstan should be on your bucket list soon because it is a quiet vacation paradise.

Every well-known tourist destination in Kazakhstan is so picturesque, from the angling and crisscrossing skyscrapers to age-old monuments, from gothic buildings gushing hues to the dreamy backdrop of a town on the Caspian. Don't forget to savor the splendor of Kazakhstan's tourism destinations, which are tucked away in Asia. Make travel arrangements for a relaxing getaway to Kazakhstan.

The resilient people of Kazakhstan greet guests with open arms and customary hospitality because they are passionate about spreading awareness of their nation and national values. This journey is definitely worthwhile!

Kazakhstan's most popular pastime

Go to Almaty

The city offers modern shopping complexes, vibrant nightlife, and wide, tree-lined streets. These contrast sharply with the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains that serve as the city's backdrop. You can plan an Almaty vacation with your loved ones!

Go for a Hike

There are several trekking and climbing opportunities in Kazakhstan's mountain ranges, such as the Tian Shan Mountain range in the south and the Altai Mountains in the east.

Discover the Natural Reserves

Pink flamingos can be found in the Kurgan Djino nature reserve, while the Aksu-Zhabagly state natural reserve in the south is renowned for having a forest that hasn't been removed in over 70 years.

Visit the Yasaui Memorial

This tiled mausoleum with its magnificent dome houses the tomb of poet and mystic Kozha Akhmed Yasaui, who died in 1166.

Head to the slopes

When visiting Chimbulak in the winter, hit the slopes. There are eight unique pistes for skiing within the resort's 99 acres.

Kazakhstan's most popular tourist destinations

Astana - Central Asia's Changing Face

Kazakhstan's beautiful capital city serves as a living example of a civilized society and highlights popular Kazakhstan tourist attractions. Enjoy a stunning panoramic view of Astana from the 105-meter-tall Bayterek Tower. There's plenty to do in Astana, and Duman Recreational Complex is a great place to start!

Almaty - Kazakhstan's biggest cultural hub

Almaty is famous for its lovely surroundings and postcard landscape. The Central State Museum is notable because it preserves a wide cultural past. The Green Market is a popular place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, clothing, and housewares. There are various art galleries around for anyone interested in history and art. You can spend a day sipping on nature's grandeur or shopping at Zelyony Bazaar or Dostyk Plaza if you wish to explore Almaty's particular specialties. It's really worth seeing this magnificent place, so book your Almaty weekend trip package right away!

Aktau - Pretty town by the Caspian

The almost 40-year-old city, which has a view of the vast Caspian Sea, is one of Kazakhstan's most tranquil tourist destinations and is a thing of wonderful beauty. Some of the most unusual tourist destinations in Kazakhstan and more historic architectural ensembles may be found in Aktau. Ancient libraries, cinemas, concert halls, and cultural centers are dispersed around the city and must be explored to get a sense of the local culture.

Taraz - The ancient city in South Kazakhstan

If you appreciate discovering new places, seeing old landmarks, and taking in ruins, Taraz, one of Kazakhstan's popular tourist sites, is the place to go. In Kazakhstan, Taraz is a popular tourist attraction that is worth your time. Near the Kyrgyzstan border, Taraz is rife with unknown stories from the last century. Visit Babaji-Khatun Mausoleum for a distinctive sixteen-ribbed conical dome, or plan a journey to Talas River in the south, close to the Kyrgyzstan border.

Lake Balkhash - The 15th largest lake in the world

A significant source of hydroelectric projects in Kazakhstan is Lake Balkhash, which is situated 600 kilometers to the east of the Aral Sea. Some of the fish species that have been restored to the lake include sazan, sturgeon, eastern bream, pike, and Aral barbel.

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Nightlife in Kazakhstan

The territory of the United Bars

One of Almaty's most beloved and well-liked pubs where you can have a fantastic time with your wild pals is Territory of the United. As part of one of the top things to do at night in Kazakhstan, you will not only have the opportunity to indulge in tempting exotic beverages but also enjoy delicious appetizers.

The Sky Bar Street

If you want to experience the fantastic nightlife, a well-known destination to go to in Kazakhstan is the sky bar street. You can experience themed bars with a variety of beverages and bar fare, such as Mammoth and Sangria. Along with living hip-hop music, there are vibrant lights to enjoy with your friends.


Because of its amicable attitude, Chukotka is a favorite location for foreign tourists. Visiting this location, where you may enjoy excellent customer service at a low cost, is one of the greatest things to do in Kazakhstan. The best commodity at this establishment is its coffee. You have the option of resting at a cafe on the second floor or dancing on the dance floor.

Gan Bei

Gan Bei is renowned for having a cozy atmosphere where you can spend time with loved ones and friends. Given that Almaty's premium class prefers it, it is somewhat pricey. You can enjoy some delicious meals and listen to energetic hip-hop music.

Accommodations in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan offers a variety of lodging options, from inexpensive motels to more upscale establishments like Hilton, Holiday Inn, and ibis, which are located in larger cities like Almaty and Nursultan. These cities also have hostels for travelers.

Most booked hotels:

● The Ritz-Carlton Almaty

● Renion Park Hotel

● Rixos Borovoe

● DoubleTree by Hilton Almaty

● Kazakhstan Hotel

● Astana Marriott Hotel

What kind of delicious foods can be found in Kazakhstan?

The local cuisine is typically meat-centric. Beshbarmak, a stew typically made from horse meat but rarely with mutton, is a specialty for the majority of Kazakhs. It is typically served on squares of flat spaghetti. Kumis, fermented mare's milk, may be provided to you as a drink if you make friends with a local and go to their home for dinner (Kazakhs are quite hospitable). Camel milk typically takes its place in remote areas. You might be served a sheep's head as the main course if you're treated like a particularly distinguished visitor.

You won't go hungry if you're a vegetarian, though. There are numerous salads, rice meals, and thick vegetable soups. Desserts and pastries are also widely available and delectable for those with a sweet craving.

Would you like to visit Kazakhstan?

Traveling to Kazakhstan is a good idea. Kazakhstan will astonish you with its natural beauty, adventurous activities, and unique history. The country has wonderful nightlife, superb infrastructure, and a liberal society. It defies the world's preconceptions of a "stan" country.

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