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Oman - The Country Of Peace

The offerings of Oman are numerous, open, and generally ignored. They include soft-sand beaches and golden desert dunes, 16th-century forts and busy souqs, breathtaking mountains, and vast valleys. Due to its traditional culture and open-minded approach, visitors to this country can learn a lot about the Middle East by traveling there.

Oman offers a welcome reminder of an era that seems to have passed in the midst of the Arabian Gulf's dynamic states. The Sultanate is one of the best locations in the Gulf to see old Arabia because overdevelopment has yet to degrade its most breathtaking vistas and cultural traditions have remained impressively unaltered.

It is also significantly less congested than its more well-known counterparts on the Arabian Peninsula, allowing you to experience the natural beauty and cultural richness without having to share space with hundreds of other tourists. Oman is the best choice for people who want to visit the most traditional and hospitable Arab country. Planning a weekend trip to Oman is definitely a wise decision!

Top tourist attractions in Oman


Oman's capital city blends natural and architectural splendor. It is home to stunning beaches such as Al Qurum and Al Bustan, as well as the Royal Opera House Muscat and a variety of lodging alternatives. You'll discover a unique pastime or a lovely natural area to appreciate wherever you go in the city. You can book a Muskat tour package for your weekend trip.


Salalah is a lovely city in southern Oman's Dhofar Governorate. It is well-known for its annual Khareef Festival, which takes place every year from July to September and celebrates the monsoon season by allowing the landscape to take center stage. Spend a few days, if feasible, savoring this magnificent nature hideaway. Salalah tour package is the most booked!

Muttrah Souq

The Muttrah Souq, a traditional market on the Muttrah Corniche in the Muscat Governorate, is made up of a number of tiny stores that sell Omani goods such as colorful fabric, traditional clothing, silver and gold jewelry, and mementos. It's a must-see attraction in Muscat and a fantastic location for photos.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

The most well-known mosque in the nation is the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, which was constructed in 2001 in Muscat's Bawshar neighborhood. The mosque is a true architectural marvel with its enormous golden dome, minarets, arches, engraved walls, adorned interior, special lamps, and centerpiece crystal chandelier.

Musandam Beaches

Oman's northernmost region, the Musandam Governorate, is divided from the rest of the nation by the United Arab Emirates. There are numerous lovely white-sand beaches there because the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Gulf encircle most of the region. One of the most well-liked stretches of sand in Musandam is Khasab beach.

Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserves

Eastern Oman's Ras Al Hadd is home to the Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve. With almost 20,000 females returning here each year to lay their eggs, it serves as a natural reserve for endangered green turtles. In addition to Ras Al Jinz's wonderful beach, clear waters, and golden sands, you may enjoy seeing the turtles dig their nests, lay their eggs, and even watch the young turtles hatch and return to the sea. In the early morning hours, the reserve organizes turtle viewings.

Wadi Bani Khalid

A lovely corner of paradise is Wadi Bani Khalid. A spring (ayn, in Arabic) and various water pools can be seen inside the wadi, which is located in the Ash Sharqiyah Region. The spring flows continuously inside the wadi all year long. A number of settlements and vibrant plantations may be found in Wadi Bani Khalid. The wadi seems like a painting due to its breathtaking scenery, which includes unusual red rock formations.

Forts and Castles

Through its various forts and castles, Oman's diverse legacy is on display, allowing visitors to understand and appreciate its ancient history and culture. There are numerous must-see locations around Oman, such as Nakhal Fort, Nizwa Fort, Jibreen (Jabreen) Castle, Al Hazm Fort, Al Rustaq Fort, and many more.

Masirah Island

The biggest island in Oman is Masirah Island, which is located off the country's eastern coast. You may still see a few abandoned ships at Ras Hilf, the island's capital town, which was formerly a significant shipbuilding center. Traditional textiles and fishing are now the main industries in this country.

Oman's Scrumptious Cuisine That You Must Try

Omani cuisine is a delectable fusion of spices, marinades, and herbs with influences from Indian, Persian, North African, and Mediterranean cuisines. Chicken, lamb, and rice are classics here, seasoned with saffron, ginger, and nutmeg for a flavor unlike any other! All types of fish are devoured due to its vast coastline bordering the Arabian Sea, and the shark is a delicacy!

Omani cuisine differs from that of the rest of the Arabian Peninsula in that it is less spicy and is rarely served heatedly. The following are some of the most delicious and traditional Omani dishes:


This meal, also known as Kabsa, consists of saffron-flavored rice cooked with spicy red or white meat. Majboos, which translates to "be engaged," is almost always provided at big occasions like weddings and engagements. Saffron and cardamom are the two main ingredients in this cuisine. The beef is cooked first with onion and garlic, then with the extra ingredients. The rice is cooked separately before being mixed with the meat, turning it golden and creamy.


Shuwa is an Omani celebratory dish that is only served on rare occasions such as Eid. During the holiday, many Omani families start cooking their Shuwa on the first day and finish it on the second. The preparation of this traditional Omani dish is a lengthy and intricate process. On Eid, the meat, which is usually lamb, goat, or camel, is marinated in a variety of spices. Each household has its own recipe that includes spices such as coriander, nutmeg, and cumin. After that, the meat is wrapped in banana leaves and put in a sand oven. Before being dug out and eaten, it is cooked underground for a day or two. The meat is soft and covered in crispy spices when it is pulled out of the ground. On the side, there is tomato sauce and rice.


Mouthwatering Mashuai is yet another delectable meal you may get in Oman! Kingfish is roasted in this recipe, and the rice is flavorful with lemon.


Mushaltat, a soft flatbread loaded with cheese, meat, spinach, or honey, is a well-known delicacy in Oman. Refined wheat flour is used to make the bread, which is then kneaded into thin cakes, filled with fillings, and baked for around 5 minutes.


Halwa is a sweet, sticky, and gelatinous Omani delicacy made with brown sugar, honey, eggs, and a variety of spices. It contains a variety of flavors, like rosewater, almonds, chocolate, etc. Several halwas also contain Omani dates. Halwas can survive for more than four months because of the time-consuming procedure of slowly cooking it over a wood fire. Kahwa is frequently used in conjunction with it as an additional sign of kindness.

Most booked hotels in Oman

● Kempinski Hotel Muscat

● Royal Tulip Muscat

● Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort

● InterContinental Muscat, an IHG Hotel

● Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara

● Mysk by Shaza Al Mouj Muscat

● The Chedi Muscat

● Millennium Resort Salalah

Nightlife in Oman - Get a taste of the Arabian Nights

Although Oman is a nation rich in culture, history, and fascinating art and artifacts, nightlife in Oman is primarily about spending some quiet time with your loved ones while exploring Arabic night markets, going to a fantastic concert, eating Arabic specialties like kebabs, and more. Oman has peaceful, quiet evenings that are ideal for taking a leisurely stroll along the seaside promenade. Having said that, Oman is home to a sizable number of clubs and bars where you may unwind after a long day.

Best Clubs & Bars in Oman:

● Whisper’s Bar

● Island Bar & Restaurant

● Compass Bar

● PIano Lounge

● Route 66

Night out with live music, shows, and shopping!

Without purchasing gifts for family members back home, a vacation is never quite complete. Oman is renowned for its traditional marketplaces, which are ideal for finding genuine Omani goods. There are numerous locations where you can catch a taste of Oman's vibrant environment and rich cultural history. Without a little late-night souvenir buying, Oman's nightlife is lacking.

Would you love to visit Oman?

Travelers are always seeking the next great vacation destination, and Oman is one of the most economical options. With a vibrant culture, a rich history, and magnificent natural surroundings, Oman provides something for every sort of traveler. Spend your days relaxing on white-sand beaches or exploring the wide desert.

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Whether you're an explorer looking for new adventures or someone looking for a calm vacation away from home, Oman has it all!