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Nepal - The Land of Mountains

Located between the beautiful Himalayas Mountains and the intriguing Indian jungles, Nepal is a place where yaks, yetis, mountain peaks, and hidden monasteries appear to be everywhere. Since the country's borders were opened to foreigners, it has transformed into an alluring destination for hikers and trekkers of all stripes, with many making the journey to the legendary Everest Base Camp. Although Mount Everest's allure was more than enough to entice mountain climbers from around the world, its steep paths also provided unrivaled trekking opportunities. If you have made the decision to travel to Nepal, you can spend a fantastic weekend in Kathmandu!

Over time, Nepal has been successful in establishing itself as a popular travel destination. It has a reputation for being the ideal fusion of antiquity and modernity, with a relaxed pace of living, and bustling city life because of its plethora of gorgeous landscapes, ancient sites, and cultural assets. It is hardly surprising that Nepal routinely tops lists of sought-after vacation spots and other rankings. Let's find out more about Nepal before booking your Nepal vacation packages!

Never pass up this opportunity

Visit the sites in Kathmandu

In Kathmandu, there are a lot of significant religious, cultural, and historical sites. The majority of Kathmandu's monuments, temples, monasteries, and palaces date from the 14th to the 18th centuries, while some of them are older than 2,000 years. The primary tourist destination in Kathmandu is the old royal palace plaza known as Kathmandu Durbar Square. At Cosmo Travel, you can choose from several Kathmandu tour packages.

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a trekking paradise, offering some of the best routes in the world for hikers of all skill levels. The four-day Poon Hill ascent is one of Nepal's top short hikes. The trip to Everest Base Camp is an excellent choice if you have an extra 12 days to spare. The Manaslu trip and the Everest Base Camp - 3 Passes trek are two of the top adventure treks in Nepal that take you through pristine scenery on unrivaled trekking roads.

Island Peak or Mera Peak are suggested if you like to climb but are unskilled. Both peaks, which reach heights of over 6,000 meters and are reachable by anyone without prior mountaineering experience, promise an exhilarating challenge and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Panorama mountain flight trip

Trekking in the magnificent Himalayas is not something that everyone is comfortable with. The chance to see the most breathtaking peaks in the world should not be forfeited, though. A Himalayan panorama mountain flight trip is the best way to get unparalleled eye-level views of those stunning mountain peaks and get a first-hand sense of the true grandeur of the Himalayas, including Mount Everest. Some of the most well-known peaks that may be seen from a panorama flight include Mount Makalu, Mount Gosainthan, Mount Dorje Lhakpa, Mount Gauri-Shanker, Mount Pumori, and the Granddaddy of them all, Mount Everest.

Visit Chitwan National Park and go on a jungle safari

The nation's first national park, Chitwan National Park, is another must-see location in Nepal. Along with one-horned rhinos, Bengal tigers, and Asian elephants, the park is home to more than 500 different kinds of migratory birds. Due to its size, which is about 332 square miles, it is considered to be the best location in Nepal to observe bears, tigers, crocodiles, elephants, and rhinos. kingfishers, brahminy ducks, egrets, and paradise flycatchers were the birds that were most frequently spotted.

Explore Pokhara

Pokhara, which is primarily a lakeside town, draws adventurers, nature lovers, and thrill seekers with its breathtaking natural beauty, a variety of fishing opportunities, mountain biking, river rafting, thrilling treks like Poonhill, Annapurna Base Camp, and Annapurna Circuit, as well as its paragliding, canyoning, bungee jumping, visiting the peace pagoda, and sunbathing. It is one of those places that you would undoubtedly want to go to again in your lifetime. Two of the top things to do in Pokhara are undoubtedly boating and strolling along the lakeshore.

Helicopter tour of Mount Everest

A helicopter tour across Mount Everest will sound interesting if a panoramic flight over the Himalayas doesn't. This tour allows you to interact with some of the most traditional Himalayan civilizations while also admiring breathtaking peaks such as Mt. Cho Oyu, Mt. Ama Dablam, and Mt. Pumori.

Try paragliding

Some daring adventurers have gone paragliding from the mountains. If you believe this is too dangerous, you can paraglide from Sarangkot across the picturesque Pokhara Valley or towards the Annapurna Mountain range. One of the greatest ways to explore the highlands and the Himalayas is to paraglide from Sarangkot Hill near Pokhara.

Paragliding has two options: a free-flying foot-launched aircraft or a non-motorized foot-launched inflatable wind glider. In both circumstances, you will be aided by a skilled pilot. You can also take a 10-day training and go paragliding on your own.

Must-try foods

Food is an important part of any culture. When we visit a new place, we always make time to taste the local cuisine. We frequently spend significant time in a new location researching food options. Vacations are memorable not only for the places we visit but also for the food we eat and the people we meet.

Furthermore, what better place to indulge in wonderful native cuisine while exploring numerous fascinating regions than Nepal? This country is well-known for its diverse cultural heritage, breathtaking natural beauty, and wonderful gastronomy. If you're looking for the best food in Nepal to try while visiting this incredible country, you've come to the right place.

Dal Bhat

This traditional dish must be included on any list of the top foods in Nepal. This is the most prevalent cuisine combination seen throughout this South Asian country. This dinner is made up of two complementing meals, rice and dal, which are served with side dishes. Dal Bhat is Nepal's soul food, satisfying your taste buds while providing your body with the necessary nutrients.


Momos from a roadside stall would transport you back home if you were visiting Nepal from India and missed the mouth-watering street food. The people of Nepal adore their little dumplings. The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, has a large number of momo eateries with a diverse menu. All of Nepal's popular tourist locations have a number of momo vendors. This well-liked dish is constructed using rice paper wrappers filled with either minced chicken or green veggies. You may eat delectable fast food from Nepal while visiting the country's many tourist attractions.


Gundruk is one of the most popular foods in Nepal. This Nepali meal is made by fermenting green leafy vegetables, including mustard, cauliflower, and radish leaves. It is a side dish that goes well with curries and Daal Bhat. This dish can be served as a side dish as well. Due to its excellent nutritional content, this traditional Nepalese cuisine is quite well-liked throughout the nation.


Yomari, for all the sweet lovers, comes next. This dish is made from rice dough that has been filled with coconut paste. Yomari is the most typical dessert served during Nepal's festival season. For those with a sweet tooth, it is one of the best sweet Nepali foods and must be tried.


Chatamari, well-known in Nepal, is also referred to as "Nepali Pizza." It is a unique Newari product made with a sizable amount of rice flour batter. Its toppings and shape are what give it a pizza-like appearance. This dish contains exotic-looking meatballs and vegetable embellishments. Each restaurant in Newari offers this local food. You'll be pleasantly surprised by its peculiar flavor.

Top hotels in Nepal

● Kathmandu Eco Hotel

● Hotel Barahi

● Kathmandu Marriott Hotel

● Thamel Boutique Hotel

● Kumari Boutique Hotel

● Kathmandu Suit Home

● Hotel Middle Path and Spa

Nightlife in Nepal

Nepal is an enthralling destination. The nation offers beautiful mountain vistas throughout the day, and at night, it comes alive with lights and music. The nightlife in Nepal is on par with that of other countries and features the best music, food, and dancing, which will inspire you to get out of bed and put on your best outfit.

Learning more about Nepal's culture is worthwhile because it is vibrant and diverse. You can see a bit of this country's culture at night. If you think the nightlife in this country isn't all that fascinating, you're mistaken. In Nepal, the night is not only active but also safe. Nepal's nightlife will tempt you to let your inner party animal loose because there are so many nightclubs there.

The top Nightclubs in Nepal

● Club Deja Vu

● Karma Bar And Lounge

● Rum Doodle

● Kathmandu Durbar Square

● Purple Haze Rock Bar

● Moksh Live Bar

● Moon Sun Disco

● Studio 54

● Buddha Bar

● Maya Cocktail Bar

Would you love to visit Nepal?

Whether you're a peace seeker, a climber, a spiritual person, an adventurer, or a lover of nature, Nepal welcomes you with open arms. As soon as you set foot in this Himalayan nation, you'll be mesmerized by the majestic mountains, the deep blue skies, and the sparkling lakes. Smiling looks and the amiable behavior of the inhabitants will make your heart feel warm. The land of Nepal has many various colors that are just waiting for you to discover, with each season providing its own special beauty. Naturally, there are many wonderful places to visit in Nepal. The country's list of fascinating things to do is also exciting!

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Even if there were multiple blog posts, it would be impossible to cover all of Nepal. If this peeks at Nepal have whetted your appetite, all you have to do to experience Nepal's amazing beauty is get in touch with us and book your Nepal vacation package as soon as you can!