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Baku - Where Your Imagination Goes To Another World

Are you considering a trip to Baku? If so, congratulations on your wise decision! Baku is well-known for its contentious real estate boom, oil and gas boom, and now Eurovision 2012. But is there more to this posh yet historic city? Baku, which takes great pride in its welcoming culture, shines as a magnificent host city for major events.

Baku, located on the East-West fault line, is unlike any other location on the planet. Azerbaijan's capital city has an unusual Soviet past, high structures that may have been transported from Shanghai, and a gorgeous ancient core. Baku is a significant port city in addition to being one of the country's most important industrial, commercial, and cultural centers. Despite its contradictory nature, Baku is always a delight. Let's go on a tour of this lovely city right away to reserve your ideal Baku tour package!

The top five reasons to visit Baku

There are numerous well-known tourist attractions in Baku. Let's quickly review the top 5 reasons to travel to Baku right now, so you may book your Baku holiday packages without hesitation.

#1 The UNESCO World Heritage Site Historic Center

The Old City of Baku dates back nearly a thousand years. It is surrounded by spectacular fortifications, rests atop a complex of tunnels, and is home to numerous historic sites, notably the Maiden Tower.

#2 The Caspian Sea Coast

Baku is located on the Caspian Sea, which is the world's largest inland sea. Take sea cruises, visit beaches like Bligh, or wander along Baku's magnificent coastal promenade.

#3 Various Museums to Visit

Baku features many museums, including the recently opened Carpet Museum, the National Museum of Azerbaijan History, and the Museum of Modern Art, which houses works by Picasso and Dali.

#4 Visit the Absheron Peninsula

On Baku's outskirts, the Ateshgah Fire Temple and the spectacular natural gas vents of Yanar Dag are definitely worth seeing.

#5 Delectable Kebabs

If you enjoy kebabs, Baku is the place to be. Sultan's liver kebabs are a must-try local delicacy.

Tourist attractions in Baku

Icheri Sheher (Old City)

Icheri Sheher, commonly called the "Tenement District" by locals, is a region that visitors should include in their list of places to see in Baku because it is home to countless historical structures. After being added to the UNESCO World Historic List in 2000, the Old City, which has been inhabited since the Paleolithic period, was designated as an endangered world heritage site in 2003. There are around fifty ancient structures to examine in Old Town.

The Shirvanshah's Palace (The Pearl of Azerbaijan)

The Shirvanshahs' Palace is a vast historical relic that includes beautiful mausoleums, gran stone pavilions, intricate stone carvings, and mosque towers. There is also a bathhouse. All of these are proof of the Shirvanshah dynasty's existence in the 15th century, and the gorgeous palace still stands towering and majestic, if a little dusty and slightly faded with age, rising and noticeable from afar. An hour spent roaming its grand staircases and terraces, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, would be like stepping back in time.

Fountain Square (The City’s Heart)

All individuals who gather at her steps are immediately calmed by this location, which is made up of numerous fountains scattered throughout the main square. Large-scale public events, cultural celebrations, and outdoor activities are also held there. After roaming about and admiring the beauty of the Fountain "Balls" at night or the reflection of the setting sun off the fountain at the Governor's Garden, it is simple to understand why. Among the contemporary passages and artistic cobblestone lanes are flourishes from Soviet rule, Mediterranean influences, Persian and Balkan relics, and Arabian palm palms, creating a really diverse cultural experience.

Gobustan National Park (A Marvel of Nature)

Baku has been gifted with a rich past, vibrant culture, and a stunning desert landscape. It should come as no surprise that the Gobustan National Park, also known as the Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Topography, has been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites because of its historical significance and unique terrain. There are more than 6,000 petroglyphs carved onto the rock walls, and they date back at least 10,000 years. Its steep hills and deep ravines are an adventure in and of themselves, as is exploring them.

Heydar Aliyev Center (Modern Curves)

Both visitors and locals like visiting the Heydar Aliyev Center, which was built by the late, exceptional British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid. There is an auditorium, a gallery, and a museum there. Its flowing and fluid design is evidence of Baku's rapid modernization and economic development.

Most booked hotels in Baku

There are hotels in a significant area of the city where you can comfortably relax. Due to the location of Baku's tourist sites, finding other accommodations is considerably simpler. The main tourist attractions of Baku include the Old City, Bayrak Square, and Nizami Street. Examine the seven city hotels in Baku where you can stay carefully;

● Park Inn by Radisson Azerbaijan Baku Hotel

● Four Seasons Hotel Baku

● Winter Park Hotel

● Fairmont Baku Flame Towers

● JW Marriott Absheron Baku

● Hyatt Regency Baku

● Hilton Baku

Popular foods & restaurants in Baku

Azerbaijani cuisine, which is rich in tasty vegetables, complex spices, and juicy, seasoned meats, is one of the less well-known Middle Eastern culinary experiences. Azerbaijanis enjoy utilizing fresh ingredients when cooking and a wide selection of delectable herbs and spices. Some foods as a result have highly unique smells and scents. Few dishes you certainly must try;

● Plov - Traditional rice & meat

● Dolma - Stuffed grape leaves

● Saji Ichi - Azerbaijanian barbeque

● Piti - Lamb & chickpea soup

● Buglama - Traditional lamb stew

Some of the world's best kebabs are served at restaurants like Sultan's, Sehirli Tandir, Da Massimo, or Seki. There are also numerous Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and French restaurants. A good kebab will cost you between $5 and $10, but a gourmet lunch will cost you between $40 and $50.

Nightlife in Baku

Azerbaijan, sometimes known as the "Land of Fire," is a nation in the Eurasia area that is at the confluence of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. The environs of Azerbaijan are characterized by beautiful landscapes, a fusion of several cultures, nice weather all year round, and a combination of traditional and modern architecture. Azerbaijan, which is bordered by the Caucasus Mountains and the oil-rich Caspian Sea, offers two distinct sensations depending on the time of day. The Azerbaijani nightlife is a true reflection of the spirit of the nation.

Baku, the cosmopolitan capital of Azerbaijan, is where the majority of the country's nightlife is concentrated. The nightlife in Baku will unquestionably satisfy your craving for the feel, flavor, and atmosphere of Azerbaijan. Check out the top destinations in this beautiful nation that you might visit so that you can safely explore the city at night.

● Madrid Bar

● ETUD Cafe & Bar

● 360 Bar

● Pacifico

● Enerji

● People Live Bar

● Otto Club

● Buddha Bar

Things to know before visiting Baku

● The nation's three official languages are Azerbaijani, Turkish, and Russian.

● Despite the widespread acceptance of credit cards, certain establishments still require cash.

● Exchange offices are dispersed around the city.

● Usually, smoking is allowed in enclosed areas.

● Every day of the year, Baku—also referred to as the "windy city"—experiences high winds.

Would you like to visit Baku?

It would be a wise decision to travel to Baku. Due to its low crime rate, friendly locals, lovely Mediterranean-like weather, and dense population of top-notch eateries, bars, and nightclubs, Baku is a well-liked tourist destination. Stalin-era structures have been replaced by glittering modern towers and enormous corporate headquarters. A "no expense spared" extravaganza is clearly visible during Eurovision 2012 thanks to the gleaming glass and chrome structures, as well as the spectacular light show. Baku is increasingly popular as a venue for significant events.

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