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Armenia - A Country with A Mind of Its Own!

From taking the world's longest cable car ride over the beautiful landscapes of Vorotan Canyon to visiting some of the oldest monasteries on record, here are just a few of the reasons why you should visit Armenia.

It is worthwhile to take the trip to Armenia, a little-visited country in the nexus of Asia and Europe. Almost wherever you turn, from the numerous forts and cathedrals strewn throughout the mountains to the regional traditional carpet weavers and lacemakers, it is evident that the nation has a rich history and culture. The city's numerous musical performances, festivals, and Middle Eastern and Eastern European cuisine all reflect this. Since Armenia has so much to offer in terms of sights to see and experiences to have, we've put up this travel guide to help you put together the perfect Armenia tour package!

Armenia's Top Tourist Attractions


It's a great idea to start your journey by staying in the capital for a day or two. Contrary to what you may expect for a city from the Soviet era, it is far more urban. It has a thriving nightlife with clubs, hip restaurants, and bars done in the European style. In addition to the many reminders of former eras, such as the iconic pink soviet buildings and monuments or the Kond neighborhood from the 17th century, Yerevan is easily recognizable. This is an excellent place to soak up the atmosphere and learn more about the nation you are in!

Geghard Monastery

A particularly well-liked day trip from the city is to the Geghard Monastery, which is unquestionably worthwhile to visit if you have the chance. It is situated outside of the lovely town of Garni. You are welcome to explore the stunning cathedral of the renowned monastery, which is carved out of the mountainside and is surrounded by stunning peaks. The site also features a number of magnificent chapels, some of which date all the way back to the fourth century, with elaborate and superb sculptures.


The longest cable cart in the world and the major source of Tatev's reputation are its wings, which lead to the Tatev monastery. Most people arrive at Tatev by cable cart, see the monastery, and then leave. The drive through the Vorotan Canyon alone is worthwhile, yet there is still more to see!


The sole pagan temple in Armenia, the Garni temple, the Geghard monastery, and the stunning Garni gorge with the nearby Khosov natural reserve are Garni's main attractions. The Garni gorge is accessible by automobile or foot from both sides of the town. The Symphony of Stones, an amazing natural wonder located inside the Garni Gorge, is so named because the stone walls are perfectly shaped into cube-like pillars.


The ancient monastery of Noravank in Armenia is located 122 kilometers from Yerevan in a narrow gorge made by the Amaghu River not far from the town of Yeghegnadzor. It was founded in the 13th century. The gorge is renowned for its tall, sheer, brick-red cliffs across from the monastery.

Dilijan National Park

The northeastern region of the country, known as Dilijan National Park, is home to some breathtaking scenery that is sure to please both nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The majority of the national park's terrain is made up of serene, rolling hills and mountain ranges covered in never-ending forest, with sparkling streams and gurgling brooks meandering through the foliage.


Goris, located in the country's southeast, is a delightful destination. It is situated on the banks of the Vararak River in a picturesque valley that is surrounded by mountains. Along with its breathtaking views, the area is home to a number of significant historical and cultural treasures. The streets of the planned city are ideal for strolling leisurely down.

Let's discover a lot more!

When to visit Armenia?

Armenia is at its driest in the fall, especially in September and October, and travel is at its best then because of the pleasant weather. The summer months can be extremely hot. The chilly winters are a great time to visit cities because there aren't many tourists. Travel to Armenia in June to take part in its activities.

Must-try foods in Armenia

The cuisine in Armenia is interesting, diverse, and delectable; some dishes, like Shashlik and Dolma, are well recognized outside of Armenia. Many of the recipes are meat-based, and everything—including vegetables—is grilled or barbecued. The delectable BBQ aroma will soon become pervasive almost everywhere you go.

Is traveling to Armenia safe?

It is absolutely safe to travel in Armenia. Nowhere did we ever feel intimidated. The only location where the aforementioned conflict could produce disturbances is along the border with Nagorno Karabakh. It is suggested to completely avoid the border region due to the restricted border between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Other than that, the border with Turkey is blocked, therefore you cannot cross it (due to disputes between the two nations).

Would you love to visit Armenia?

I can tell you that your trip to Armenia will be fantastic if you decide to go! Armenia is such an attractive country with a rich, interesting history, a fascinating culture, and magnificent natural beauty. It is a lovely location due to the welcoming residents, delicious cuisine, and reasonable prices, combined with the countless tourists.

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