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Bishkek - City Break

Bishkek 4 nights

Experience the city of Bishkek with its scenic beauty, lakes and day tours

  • City tour of Bishkek
  • Visit Kor Tor Lake
AED 1,330 per person
Includes Taxes & Fees

Highlights of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

Bishkek 4N, Osh 1N, Karakol 1N, Osh 1N, Almaty 1N

Hotels (2 nts), village guesthouse (3 nts), yurt (2 nts), village homestay (1 nt) with Breakfast Your G for Good Moment: Yurt Building Demonstration, ...

  • Learn about the diverse cultures of Central Asia, ...
AED 4,867
AED 3,949 per person
Includes Taxes & Fees

Best of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan

Bishkek 4N, Osh 1N, Karakol 1N, Osh 1N, Almaty 1N, Dushanbe 1N, Gissar 2N, Khujand 1N, Tashkent 1N

Hotels/guesthouses (7 nts), community homes (4 nts), yurt (2 nts). with Breakfast Your G for Good Moment: Yurt Building Demonstration, Barskoon Your W...

  • Stop and marvel at Charyn Canyon, Explore Karakol ...
AED 9,559
AED 7,364 per person
Includes Taxes & Fees

The Five Stans of the Silk Road

Bishkek 4N, Osh 1N, Karakol 1N, Osh 1N, Almaty 1N, Dushanbe 1N, Gissar 2N, Khujand 1N, Tashkent 2N, Samarkand 3N, Bukhara 2N, Kyzyl 2N, Turkmenistan 1N, Ashgabat 3N

Standard hotels/guesthouses (20 nts), yurts (4 nts), homestay (1 nt). with Breakfast Your G for Good Moment: Yurt Building Demonstration, Barskoon You...

  • Explore the Soviet-esque capital of Bishkek, Witne...
AED 17,399
AED 17,399 per person
Includes Taxes & Fees

Kyrgyzstan - Your Adventure Awaits

Are you a solo traveler considering a trip to Kyrgyzstan? A country of extensive mountain ranges, Kyrgyzstan is quickly becoming a top climbing destination. It has a diversified scenery that softly changes between golden granite cliffs, valleys teeming with limestone fossils, and mountain cities adorned with vibrant mosques and mausoleums.

Kyrgyzstan's selling point is its wilderness. Spend days exploring its mountain expeditions, deep walnut trees, and kilometers of ice-blue glacier lakes on foot or horseback. Kyrgyzstan's history is played out via the semi-nomadic inhabitants of its strongly ingrained shepherd culture, which is as historical as its Silk Road contemporaries but lacks the art and architecture that others are famed for. The way of life is as rough and rugged as the landscape on which the Kyrgyz rely so simply yet cleverly to survive, and the gentle and welcoming Kyrgyz have clung to their traditional ways of life more than any other Central Asian group.

Where to go and what to see?


Bishkek is a city carved with cultural nuances, full of exotic vegetation and old post-Soviet anachronisms. Every year, a sizable number of tourists flock to the city because of its lively and youthful atmosphere. The capital of Kyrgyzstan boasts the most vibrant nightlife in the world. You can undoubtedly have a great weekend in Bishkek.


Osh, Kyrgyzstan's second-largest city, is without a doubt capable of drawing tourists from all over the world. It has a more than three-thousand-year-old history and has maintained an incredible oriental flavor. The sacred mountain known as Sulaiman is the primary draw in Osh's downtown. Muslims frequently see it as the secondary Mecca and refer to it as the "Throne of Sulaiman (Solomon)".

Sulaiman is a must-climb for tourists because legend has claimed that it has healing powers. A museum has also been established inside the mountain, and the biggest mosque in the area has been constructed at its base. Numerous caves, several of which are regarded as the largest in Kyrgyzstan, are another attraction of the city and its surrounds. A stroll through the city parks, a trip to a genuine medieval bath, guided tours of the mosques and the historic cemetery, as well as shopping at the oriental bazaar, are all popular tourist attractions in Osh.


As a result of its unique location at the nexus of East and West, Karakol has absorbed all of the most fascinating and brilliant traits of other cultures. In the winter, when ski resorts are open for business, the majority of guests arrive. Skiers and snowboarders from over the world travel to this region for vacations in order to take advantage of the numerous slopes with varying degrees of difficulty, the tracks for them, the high level of service, and the breathtaking surroundings. Locals from other parts of Kyrgyzstan also use this resort.

The city is home to the renowned Dungan Mosque, which amazes everyone with both its look and its unusual building technique. It wasn't even held together with nails. Other attractions in Karakol include the Tatar Mosque and Holy Trinity Cathedral, as well as the Russian Quarter's gingerbread houses, Victory Park, River Park, and the city's Museum of History.


In terms of population, Jalal-Abad is the third-largest city in Kyrgyzstan and one of the most tranquil and serene. Despite the high number of tourists, life here proceeds slowly. The lovely scenery is the major reason visitors come to Jalal-Abad. You may go to waterfalls, go scuba diving or paragliding, go fishing, receive kumis treatment, and more on the outskirts of the city. A real walnut grove with centuries-old trees is also nearby. But the major attraction of Jalal-Abad for tourists is a sanatorium and medical resort where you may enhance your health using mineral springs and mud baths.


Small town Talas, sometimes referred to as the Land of Manas, is located in the same-named valley (the legendary hero of the Kyrgyz epos). The Manas Epic History Museum was constructed here in 1995. Along with the mausoleum and other graves, it also has a wide variety of historic relics, including tools, clothing, military uniforms, leather dishes, and more. The Talas Valley is a special natural environment that divides other parts of Kyrgyzstan with a range of mountains. It is not surprising that the following tourist areas need to be highlighted: Talas, Besh-Tash, Manas, Kirov, Sandalysh, and Toktogul. They are all close to the city and provide visitors with beautiful gorges and caverns.


Issyk-Kul is a must-see destination for every traveler to Kyrgyzstan. Many towns, cities, resorts, and recreational sites may be found along the coast, but the northern part of the lake requires the most thought. The best beach recreation and tourism infrastructure are located between the villages of Tamchy and Korumdu. Issyk-Kul, the world's seventh-deepest lake, captivates with its beauty. The water is stunningly blue and crystal pure here.

Jety-Oguz Canyon

The Jety-Oguz Canyon is a formation of burned red, protruding sandstone cliffs from which it derives its name: "Seven Bulls." It is a mesmerizing region of wildflower pastures, fir-covered hills, and ice-blue mountain streams. The Seven Bulls are a lovely location for horseback riding, hiking, and camping, and the wonderful Kyrgyz people are happy to share the riches of myth and folklore around them.

Song Kul Lake

This vivid blue alpine lake is surrounded by an expanse of grassland that appears to be a watercolor painting. One stunning image features yaks scavenging the marshland, unhindered yurt sites, and an endlessly clear sky in the distance. You can either wait and observe as serene herds of horses rush home, or you can mount up and trot along its banks.

Top hotels in Kyrgyzstan

● Hyatt Regency Bishkek

● Orion Hotel Bishkek

● Damas International Hotel

● Garden Hotel

● Navat Hotel

● De’Mar Hotel

Kyrgyzstan cuisine - Like you’ve never tasted before

Tasty, easy to prepare, and organic are the three best adjectives to describe Kyrgyz food. Organic meat, veggies, dairy products, and noodles are just a few of the components that are added to traditional Kyrgyz cuisine.

During festivals or celebrations, a dastorkhon is created, which is a tablecloth covered with a variety of traditional foods. Expect to encounter foods that are also popular in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, or Russia because Kyrgyz cuisine was inspired by the food of its neighbors.

Must try foods:

Besh Barkmak

Besh Barmak was a common dish among the nomadic tribes of Kyrgyzstan. Although it takes some time to prepare, it is not at all challenging. The remaining 30% of the dish is made up of homemade noodles and some minced onions, with the remaining 70% being lamb or beef that has been cooked in boiling water.


Shorpo, which is presented in a dish with green onions, directly means "soup." It is a salt-seasoned beef or lamb broth to which some people additionally add a couple of potatoes.


A sausage called Chiuchiuk or Qazy is made from horse flesh and intestines. After the horse intestines have been thoroughly cleansed and prepped, horse rib meat is then put inside, knotted, and cooked in boiling water.


Traditional steamed pies include Oromo. Its components are flatbread, onions, and minced meat. The pie is quite tasty and is made by many families as a regular dish, but it is also offered in a number of cafes and restaurants.


Lamb is often the meat that is boiled and then taken out of the water. The dough is mixed together similarly to Besh Barmak, but with a medium thickness for Gulchatay. The rolled dough is divided into little rectangles or strips that are 1-4 cm broad, and it is then simmered in a broth including vegetables.

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Beautiful scenery, historic cities, and exotic locales may all be found in Kirghizia. Despite having everything necessary for a wonderful vacation, this amazing country has not yet developed into one of Asia's major tourist destinations. Here, you may take in the sights of the most pristine alpine lake and renowned mountain ranges, explore unique historical sites, see a real, vibrant yurt, go skiing or snowboarding, and even take a beach vacation. Every traveler is warmly welcomed and has access to a variety of leisure activities in Kyrgyzstan!

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